Friday, 27 February 2009

6k takes 50 minutes

I timed myself today (that is, I checked the time when I started and when I finished on Old Joe) and it took me fifty minutes to do 6k. Although that is slow, I found it quite difficult today because my legs, feet and back ached a bit. I was a bit grumpy but I was pleased when I had finished the 15 laps.

A short 3k

Wednesday afternoon did not prove to be the best time for a run and so I went yesterday lunchtime instead. Being a bit flexible about when I run has meant that I'm more likely to do it, so I don't scold myself at all for not always running when I plan to. As long as I get in two short runs and one long one every week then I'm happy.

The good news is that I have gathered up enough momentum to be able to fit in a short 3k run (instead of 2k) for the twice a week runs. I shall still aim for 6k for my longer run today - I think it's still a bit soon for me to lurch around the track for any more than that.

All of the supportive message are really spurring me on - so thank to everyone who is following and commenting on my blog.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lunch time jogging

I managed it yesterday! I forgot my keys on Monday and so was unable to retrieve my kit from my locker in order to go for a run - but yesterday (Tuesday) I managed a short 5 lap run and a shower, all well within my lunch hour! I shall be doing a short run again this evening.

I tried to pick up the pace and ran faster than my normal trudge (obviously) but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to keep that up for 10k!

Still trying to source audio books...

Friday, 20 February 2009

A comfortable 6k!

I've just come back from a lunchtime run around the track and I managed a comfortable 15 laps (which is 6km). I was really pleased with this even though I am jogging at an excruciating slow pace as it means that I'm not far off being able to jog for 10km continuously and comfortably.

My plan from now on is to try and fit in a shorter run twice a week (i.e. no more than half an hour), to try and quicken my comfortable jogging pace, and then have a longer run once a week to build up to 10km!

For the longer run one of my pals has suggested that I listen to audio books as they help the time along without potentially disrupting your pace as music sometimes can. I think this is a fab idea and will attempt to procure some audio books and a listening device anon. If anyone else has any helpful ideas, then please post them here as I would be happy to receive them :o)

Thursday, 19 February 2009


In a bid to help me train for the 10k I have finally fixed my poor bike and have taken to cycling to and from work again. This may prove counter-productive, however, as my thighs ache a little and I'm due to run this evening.

My aim today is to keep running to see how far I can go - I can then use this to see how much, and when, I need to push myself. I thought today would be a good day as there should be plenty of scope for recovery tomorrow if I need it!

Friday, 13 February 2009

RSS, Feeds and Readers

As I have set up this blog as part of a course on Web 2.0 I would just like to add the following:

I have subscribed to the feeds for several new blogs and I'm looking forward to seeing all the ways that my fellow course mates have approached the blogging task.

I also keep up to date with the blog feeds from two of my pals in Canada - I love that I can peruse their posts when they appear on the google reader on igoogle because I miss them!

I also subscribe to the RSS feeds for two learning and teaching websites so I can have a look at the recommendations for new elearning technologies and such, but I hate it that sometimes the reader is filled with loads of things that you have to wade through in order to find something relevant.

I would have to think on about how such technology could be utilised by Universities... good question.

And so it begins...

Well not bad as starts go really - and because I am starting my training on the running track I could think about what I ws going to write on here rather than having to concentrate on where I was going. Handy really.

I worked out that 10k is 25 laps of the running track so I set myself the target of 5 laps today as I didn't want to push myself too hard too soon - and largely to see if I could still jog at all! I managed the 5 laps comfortably and was able to pick up the pace for the final lap, so I was really pleased. I know it may not sound like much (especially if we bear in mind that I jog super slowly) but in my head, I'm already a fifth of the way there! :o)

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

After the finishing line at the Race for Life in Cannon Hill Park last June :o)

Training begins on Friday!

So, it seems the running track is available a lot recently - can't imagine why?! I shall be going for my first run (jog) in about 8 months on Friday but in the meantime I thought I'd share the fun from the Race for Life (5k) last June. I did this run straight after completing my PhD viva - needless to say we ran straight to the pub!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Training Begins?

The intention is there but is the body willing? My training for a 10k run in September is about to begin. Follow the fun (?) here!