Friday, 20 February 2009

A comfortable 6k!

I've just come back from a lunchtime run around the track and I managed a comfortable 15 laps (which is 6km). I was really pleased with this even though I am jogging at an excruciating slow pace as it means that I'm not far off being able to jog for 10km continuously and comfortably.

My plan from now on is to try and fit in a shorter run twice a week (i.e. no more than half an hour), to try and quicken my comfortable jogging pace, and then have a longer run once a week to build up to 10km!

For the longer run one of my pals has suggested that I listen to audio books as they help the time along without potentially disrupting your pace as music sometimes can. I think this is a fab idea and will attempt to procure some audio books and a listening device anon. If anyone else has any helpful ideas, then please post them here as I would be happy to receive them :o)


  1. Bravo! The audio books are a great idea and I bet it'll be no time at all until you pick up a bit of pace.

    keep on jogging
    keep on blogging

  2. Woohoo! Well done! I am getting slowly more and more unfit so am very jealous of your new regime :)

  3. Thanks again for the supportive comms. You'd chuckle if you saw how slow I am at the moment! Anyway, Hen, with all your wading through snow you'll be superfit in no time!

  4. Some good stuff here - helped me when I started :-)

  5. Well done Lisa!!! You inspire me to start training! (Anna)

  6. Thanks for the advice yeti :o)

    I'm not sure I've ever been an inspiration for others to run before, Anna?!? I'd be more than happy for you to join me if you'd like to :o)