Friday, 13 February 2009

RSS, Feeds and Readers

As I have set up this blog as part of a course on Web 2.0 I would just like to add the following:

I have subscribed to the feeds for several new blogs and I'm looking forward to seeing all the ways that my fellow course mates have approached the blogging task.

I also keep up to date with the blog feeds from two of my pals in Canada - I love that I can peruse their posts when they appear on the google reader on igoogle because I miss them!

I also subscribe to the RSS feeds for two learning and teaching websites so I can have a look at the recommendations for new elearning technologies and such, but I hate it that sometimes the reader is filled with loads of things that you have to wade through in order to find something relevant.

I would have to think on about how such technology could be utilised by Universities... good question.


  1. It's great that the RSS feeds have already become a part of your life. Of course, you're lost to all good sense, now - must check my reader, ooh, must comment on this one, oh, this is an interesting site, I'll subscribe to it - 100 blogs later and 30-40 feeds per day and you're thinking, mmm, have I done the right thing? But you know you have - all you have to do is do a little pruning and find the feeds that are truly essential, which is an ongoing and never-ending process of course. Or is that just me?


  2. What are the learning and teaching websites, Lisa? Have they turned up anything useful as well as all the rubbish?

  3. My favourite one is Jane's e-learning pick of the day - I've poppped the link on to our good blog/bad blog googledoc (as a good blog). I like this one because it suggests all sorts of potentially relevant e-learning tools - things I'm sure I'd never come across otherwise! The other one is - this is the one that sometimes blasts out more info than I care to cope with, but it does have a lot of interesting stuff too. The JISC and HEFCE websites also have feeds.