Thursday, 19 February 2009


In a bid to help me train for the 10k I have finally fixed my poor bike and have taken to cycling to and from work again. This may prove counter-productive, however, as my thighs ache a little and I'm due to run this evening.

My aim today is to keep running to see how far I can go - I can then use this to see how much, and when, I need to push myself. I thought today would be a good day as there should be plenty of scope for recovery tomorrow if I need it!


  1. When did you start running, Lisa? Do you work towards this event every year? You obviously do actually run it, rather than walking as I know some other people do.

    When the time comes, I'll sponsor you! Hold me to it.

  2. Well done that girl!!

    I think it will deffo help (even if it doesn't feel like it now) to cycle as well as train for your running.

    Good to see you back on a bike where you belong anyway, we can do cycle together stuff any time you like :O)

  3. Thanks guys, that's really supportive! It's much more of a jog than a run to be honest but it's still a challenge for me!

    Turns out the running track is fully booked up on a Thursday evening so I shall do the test run tomorrow lunch time instead - what a pity?! :o)

  4. Also, I've done 5km before but never 10 so this is a first!

  5. Perhaps there are similar running blogs out there that could encourage you!?

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  7. Come and join the fun at Runners World, realbuzz or Fetch.

    Forums, blogs and articles, giving all the advice, support and random silliness you can handle :-)

    (PS. only just learnt 2 minutes ago how to post links so am practising, hence the deleted post above!)

    PS. Biking is definitely good for your running and takes the pressure off your joints, but make sure you give your hamstrings and calves a very good stretch afterwards as biking shortens them so you'll feel the pain when back on the road.

    Keep going!! x