Friday, 27 February 2009

A short 3k

Wednesday afternoon did not prove to be the best time for a run and so I went yesterday lunchtime instead. Being a bit flexible about when I run has meant that I'm more likely to do it, so I don't scold myself at all for not always running when I plan to. As long as I get in two short runs and one long one every week then I'm happy.

The good news is that I have gathered up enough momentum to be able to fit in a short 3k run (instead of 2k) for the twice a week runs. I shall still aim for 6k for my longer run today - I think it's still a bit soon for me to lurch around the track for any more than that.

All of the supportive message are really spurring me on - so thank to everyone who is following and commenting on my blog.


  1. But the question still remains...what kind of books do you fancy jogging along to?

    BTW - still really well done. All of this hard work so early on will make the big event much more enjoyable!

  2. LOL - I have no idea! I've got Sam on the case to source something and something to play them on for my birthday though. Until then I shall keep up such mantras as 'Lap 8 Lap 8, you're doing really great!' He he x